A boy ventures into a surreal world seeking purpose for his existence


  • 2D physics platforming puzzles
  • Unique hand drawn and painted artwork
  • No unnecessary bloating art, music, audio, text, or game mechanics.
    Just a pure minimalist approach to what matters for an emotional engagement.

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Early Beginnings

The inception of this game came from the idea; simple is beautiful. A young child finds every new experience exciting no matter how simple it is. In today's world where fast gratification is the norm, as adults our sense of wonder gets desensitized and we forget that the slow moments in life are still intriguing with their goods and bads. From that philosophy came the idea for Jack, here is how it starts: A boy ventures into a surreal world seeking purpose for his existence

The rest of the story goes.... well we'll leave the experience to you!

You and Us

This is our first shot at making a game.... ever! So I guess that we're pretty novice in the gaming business. So if you want to play, tell us. If you want to help, tell us. If you want to share, don't tell us just go ahead!

It was great showing the game at #EGX #Rezzed
in London April 4th to 6th. A video summary will come up soon.


Game development has gone through several visual iterations and has finally reached the first play stage. We're really excited and have so many ideas to implement. We're sure we're going to learn a ton from people we meet at EGX Rezzed 2019 in London and how they experience the game.

The expected release will be at the end of 2020, more updates will be released along the line so stay tuned!


Team Ape

We're a small team of me, my wife plus a baby! We like art, good food, nature and new experiences, oh and orangutans! Orangutans are extremely clever and solitary creatures, they don't want to bother us and don't want us to bother them. When you see one you can't help but wonder what they are thinking about.

Their alluring and mysterious character nicely represents our approach to any creative process during game development; thoughtful with an emotional backbone.

Orangutan matter is independent videogame studio

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