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JACK by Orangutan Matter Games


It is a game looking to bring players into a thoughtful journey as they travel through a surreal world, exploring philosophical themes and metaphor. Bringing acrylic painting along with pencil and ink drawings to life, the players through Jack - a young boy - encounter the meaning and beauty (and despair) that is life.


  • 2D physics platforming puzzles
  • Hand painting animation art!
  • No unnecessary bloating art, music, audio, text, or game mechanics.
    Just a pure minimalist approach to what matters for an emotional engagement.

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Early Beginnings

The inception of this game came from the idea; simple is beautiful. A young child finds every new experience exciting no matter how simple it is. In today's world where fast gratification is the norm, as adults our sense of wonder gets desensitized and we forget that the slow moments in life are still intriguing with their goods and bads. From that philosophy came the idea for Jack, here is how it starts: A boy ventures into a surreal world seeking purpose for his existence

The rest of the story goes.... well we'll leave the experience to you!


Game development has gone through several visual iterations and we have learnt so much from hundreds of players feedback in 2019 EGX London and 2019 MIGS in Montreal


Orangutan matter is independent videogame studio

brush stroke "Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom" ~Arthur Schopenhauer

Sura and Saif are passionate about art and video games. Together they founded “orangutan matter” studio with the aim of making purpose-driven video games, with a purpose and a belief that a game is at its core, a human activity and a cultural product. Their mission is to work on projectscraft games that are expressive of the human condition and emotions through art and intellectualism appreciation. Their time spent in Europe and experiencing different cultures and arts has cemented this vision to bring video games towards grandeur and intellectually stimulating experiences. that idea and their vision that many video games can be something more than short lived experiences, and be elevated to grandeur intellectual experiences.

sura karnawi director of orangutan matter
Sura Karnawi
Saif Jabur creative director
Saif Jabur
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